How to join a Digital Chalkie live webcast:

You can listen in, join the chat room and even ask questions by voice.

1. Go to This is the Worldbridges network, which kindly provides the server we are using to deliver the broadcast.
2. From the Listen menu, top right corner of the page, click on the Channel 1 media player icon of your choice.

This will launch your media player and you should hear the live stream, which is delayed by a few seconds.


3. Join the Chat Room to ask questions and contribute to the live discussion, by clicking on the Chat Room icon in the Listen menu, as shown above. Enter an ID to enter the Chat Room, no password is required.

4. If you wish to join the live conversation this is the hardware you will need:
• Microphone (preferably external and able to be muted)
• Headphones

Then follow the link:
OR to register before the event starts and hear us trying to get the streams set-up
Look for Digital Chalkie in the list and click on the Sign in to join link next to the icon (Note: you need to have first downloaded Skype and created a username and password). Sign in with your username and password and then, click on Join this Skypecast. If a dialogue box appears, select the Launch application, this will trigger Skype to dial into the conference. You will also see a browser window with the list of people who are in the conference, leave this open as you can use it to request the microphone if you wish to speak.

5. Note: If you join the Skype conference or the Skype call directly, please turn off the stream in your media player before you join the discussion to stop the audio feeding back! The presenter will invite you to join the Skype call directly, you can do this by calling our Skype ID - digitalchalkie

6. If you are in the live conference, please mute your microphone when you are not talking, this is to reduce background noise and keep the audio quality as good as possible.

We look forward to having you there!